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Please peruse through our portfolio. We are confident you will be inspired by some of the projects we have completed for our clients.

Here are a few of our client's reviews:

I, of course, was pleased with your advice, work product and the total experience of dealing with you and told you so. That was before transporting the two finished chairs to our home. I am now in nirvana as both my wife and her Mother (97) are ecstatic. With two very pleased women in my household, I am truly blessed.

Joseph from Rockland

I had a sleep sofa reupholstered by Brunswick Reupholstering and I can't say enough about how pleased I am. The sofa looks better than it did new. The owner answered questions when asked but did not try to push me in any direction. I am very pleased with the fabric I selected - striped. I am so happy with how she worked with the fabric matching the stripes perfectly. A really excellent job. Better than I expected.

I selected the fabric in September and scheduled the work in January. The owner called as scheduled in January to pick up the sofa. I had to put her off for a couple of weeks. She rescheduled for February and she delivered the sofa in early March.

Mary O., Harpswell, Maine

I've waited years and saved my pennies to have new cushions and fabric on my couches and a chair. After a disappointing experience with a business in Augusta I needed this time around to be easy, professional and satisfying. Nancy and Brunswick Reupholstering have gone beyond my expectations in all 3 areas. The work is beautiful. Nancy was more than accommodating in selecting fabric (so much to choose from) and the time frame reasonable. Her website was informative, professional and gave me the confidence to give her a call. She communicates well and promptly. I have (and will continue to) recommended her to others. Thanks Nancy!

Abby M. in Alna, Maine

"Nancy, you did an excellent job on my two chairs and ottoman. I am so pleased with your workmanship and detail in getting everything done just right. I highly recommend to people having pieces of furniture they don't want to part with, to have them reupholstered by you and become beautiful new furniture again. You will be glad you did. I know I am."

Eleanore from Brunswick.

"EVERY day, at least once if not more often, I think of you and admire the marvelous work you did on "Grannie's bench." I can't remember a time that I've been more satisfied with someone's work!"

Caroline from Harpswell.

The workmanship is exquisite

"My very old and tired chair with ottoman needed help. The chair was my Mom's and it is charming but needed work. I left the pair with Brunswick Reupholstering and to my delight they have been re-born. The workmanship is exquisite. The ottoman needed to be re-plumped as it was pretty flat and the chair was sagging. I can't tell you how pleased I am and how many compliments I have received from family and friends. I will be returning soon for my loveseat to be done next!"

Patty from Harpswell.

A remarkable job

"In the last three years of my lab's long life, Ruby became attached to our channel back chair that was a family heirloom. We of course accommodated her acquisition and she would curl up and sleep for most hours of the day. When she passed away, the chair was really too 'doggy' to keep in the house and so for the past three years it has been in the barn with a destination of a yard sale or Goodwill. But I asked Nancy if she would see if she could save the chair and she did a remarkable job. I love the chair and I love that Nancy saved me from throwing it away. Now Zoey, our cat has claimed it as hers although every now and then I get to enjoy Nancy's work with a little glass of wine after a long day."

Jen from Bowdoinham.

Wonderful job

"I was so impressed with the beautiful job done by Brunswick Reupholstering on my Martha Washington chair. It had been sitting in water and the legs were stained quite badly. I couldn't believe it was the same chair. Wonderful job!"

Shirley from Brunswick.

First class workmanship

"My reupholstered chair was just delivered and I wanted to take a moment to comment on the workmanship. Not only was I treated like I was the most important customer, I felt like my opinions were taken into account. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted, but Nancy was able to take my little idea and turn it into an amazing piece of work. The attention to the patterns and my personal style was remarkable and gratifying. I truly appreciate the first-class workmanship and finish. I have a feeling this will not be the only piece I take to Brunswick Reupholstering."

Thank you again, Maura from Portland.


We take pride in the quality of our work and we work with only the finest materials. Our expert craftsmanship distinguishes our brand. We take care of your heirlooms as if they were our own.

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Antique Platform Rocker

Before - Antique Platform Rocker After - Antique Platform Rocker

Orange Fabric Chair

Before - Orange Fabric Chair After - Orange Fabric Chair

Blair Sofa

Before - Blair Sofa After - Blair Sofa

Channel Back

Before - Channel Back After - Channel Back

English Sofa

Before - English Sofa After - English Sofa

Leather Morris Chair

Before - Leather Morris Chair After - Leather Morris Chair

Nursing Rocker

Before - Nursing Rocker After - Nursing Rocker

Antique Chaise

Before: This sweet antique chaise had seen better days. Not only was it in need of being reupholstered, but the frame was extremely bent. Note how the arms are turned in.

Before - Antique Chaise

After: The frame was corrected (note the arms) and the chaise was reupholstered in a beautiful linen fabric. The customer wanted a down cushion to "sink" into.

After - Antique Chaise

Antique Settee

Before: Purchased from an auction in need of repair.

Before - Antique Settee

After: With new foundation in seat and back and reupholstered in lovely new fabric.

After - Antique Settee

His and Hers Tufted Chairs

Before: The fabric was worn and needed a major update.

Before - His and Hers Tufted Chairs

After: New fabric made these chairs look much more lively.

After - His and Hers Tufted Chairs

Pair of Channel Back Chairs

Before: Found at a yard sale and needing lots of TLC.

Before - Pair of Channel Back Chairs

After: New fabric, new springs and re-finished wood.

After - Pair of Channel Back Chairs

Before: Wing back chair in need of repair after being chewed by dog.

Before - 024

After: Reupholstered and totally reconstructed for customer.

After - 024

Before: Removed existing seat and started from the beginning.

Before - 025

After: Seat completely reconstructed and reupholstered in a lovely satin stripe.

After - 025

Before: Lovely little side chair.

Before - 026

After: Same lovely little side chair reupholstered in a beautiful stripe tapestry.

After - 026

Before: Little chair with no cover left at all.

Before - 027

After: Same little chair reupholstered in a sweet yellow stripe.

After - 027

Before: Wing back chair in need of a more sturdy cover

Before - 028

After: Wing back chair reupholstered in a very wearable fabric

After - 028

Folding Screen

Before - Folding Screen After - Folding Screen

Antique Floral Chair

Before: The entire piece had been previously stripped for wood refinishing so this is how we received it.

Before - Antique Floral Chair

After: We were able to figure out how the chair should look and brought it back to life.

After - Antique Floral Chair

Danish Modern Chair

Before: This Danish modern chair had been stripped by the customer so we didn't know exactly how it was supposed to look when finished.

Before - Danish Modern Chair

After: We were able to unlock the beauty of this lovely Danish modern chair and ottoman.

After - Danish Modern Chair


Before: This recliner had been well loved by Grandfather and his grandchildren and was in need of a face lift.

Before - Recliner

After: We reupholstered the recliner in a heavy duty fabric that should last for many more years of use.

After - Recliner

Blue Tufted Chair

Before: Very worn Tufted Chair.

Before - Blue Tufted Chair

After: Tufted Chair reupholstered in microsuede.

After - Blue Tufted Chair